Models debut stories – the reality TV shows

Most of the beautiful women who earn their living from modeling have started their careers on TV shows. Every year, producers put a myriad of sexy girls on the screen to charm the audiences, but only few manage to build a career out of this promotional chance. Here are a few success stories that prove a model’s popularity boils down to her TV show debut:

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Tyra Banks

The early 1990s were not a good time for black models in the US. The only one who got any catwalk fame was Naomi Campbell, and it seemed there was no room for another African American woman in the business. This was until the emergence of Tyra Banks, a fresh newcomer from Inglewood, California. While she started her modeling career in Europe, her fame on American soil only came after minor roles in low-budget movies and TV shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1993). Today, Tyra hosts her own TV reality program and enjoys worldwide appreciation both for her looks and her TV host skills.

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Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is one of the most famous actresses of today’s blockbuster movies. However, over 20 years ago she was merely an upcoming East-European model that delighted the audiences of minor fashion shows. Her big break came with roles in films like The Fifth Element (1997) and Zoolander (2001), which have brought her on the most important TV shows in the US. The American public got to see a better image of Milla and realized that she is more than just a sexy, beautiful model.

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Pamela Anderson

The sexiest bombshell of the 1990s saw her rise to fame with a series of amateur photo shoots in California. However, her big break came with the role she played in Baywatch (1990), a TV series that showcased sexy lifeguards in revealing outfits and perfectly tan bodies running on the beach and occasionally saving people from drowning. This role brought her worldwide recognition and famous appearances in Playboy magazine.

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