The success of reality shows – naked women and rating

Reality shows are one of the few programs that still keep people turning on the TV every night. Whether they are survival productions or stuck-together flicks, this type of showings attract a large audience. What makes them so popular? Is it the good writing, the thrill of unknown possibilities or just continuity addiction? Apparently none of these is the true crowd-catcher, but the possibility to see naked women. Let’s take a look at how the promise of nudity brings reality shows immense rating success.

two girls

Naked girls make everything worthy

It is no surprise that female nudity makes everything easier to sale. This rule is available for reality TV shows as well. It might be a group of people fighting for survival on a deserted island or a bunch of professional chef aspirers, but they will always have the same ingredient: the hot, sensual lady. The casting department makes sure that at least one sexy girl makes the cut and that she is slutty enough to lose a piece of clothing sooner or later.


Is it reality? Or is it just fantasy?

Many believe that the people who take part in reality TV shows are merely paid actors. While this is hard to prove, there are hints that some of them have indeed been contracted for a specific role. The most precious one, ratings wise, is the one of a hot, beautiful woman that keeps the male audience plastered to the screen. These sexy models are usually the last resort for the producers. When ratings go down, they throw the slutty character into the game and the winnings go back to normal.


It’s all about the ratings

Sensual woman

Reality TV shows are beautiful lies that we like to watch because they promise us something extraordinary will happen. The truth is that reality is quite boring and watching some people go about their day without seeing them getting naked or kinky would be a major waste of time. This is why these shows are filled with hot girls who are always on the verge of revealing their bodies.