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LIVE - Addictive reality TV – guilty pleasure of watching models

Reality TV has become an entertaining pastime that gains more and more audience with each passing year. Shows like American Idol, Survivor, Masterchef and many others are showcased at prime-time hours by major TV stations. Even though large parts of these programs are scripted and pre-edited for the public, many people keep watching them with the staunch belief that they are witnessing real life in the making. A good reason behind this behavior is the special format of these shows, which creates an addiction for the viewers and their escorts. This is how most of them stay on air for decades and attract entire generations of fans.

The pleasure of watching reality shows

Every viewer that spends his Friday night hooked on a reality TV show would tell you that there is no other thing they would rather do. Reality programs have a certain feel to them, similar to what gladiator battles used to induce to the ancient Roman audiences. Basically, you have some fellow citizens that challenge each other in pre-established tournaments to win the grand prize. There can be only one man left standing and this separates many viewers from their escorts as everybody picks their favorite player.

Should you feel guilty for enjoying reality TV?

There is absolutely no reason to feel ashamed for watching reality TV shows. Unless they rob you of your productivity or a healthy lifestyle, you have nothing to worry about. Some people can binge-watch entire seasons of reality TV programs without affecting their daily lives. Naturally, this is easier if you work from home as an escort or as an IT specialist.

TV shows create social addiction

One good thing about reality TV shows is that they create stronger social connections in the community. These programs are so popular that you can basically talk about them with anyone in your local area. Especially after a season finale, most viewers talk about the show with their co-workers, their escorts and even random people at the bus station. Suddenly, these addictive events can help you make new friends and meet new people.

Reality TV escorts become role models

Many people who participate in TV shows gain a temporary dose of popularity. Some of them manage to multiply that dose by exposing their talents on bigger public stages. As it is, most of them become professional singers, actors or entertainers. The luckiest of them are the hot, sexy girls who have a good chance of taking up high-paying jobs like the one of an elite escort from EROS. Their experience and improved lifestyle later become examples to follow for younger generations.

The other side of TV entertainment

Popularity obtained from TV exposure is not always a good thing. History has recorded some unfortunate cases of reality show participants who dreamed of becoming celebrities overnight, only to sink into obscurity a few days later. Instead of getting rich and famous, they have returned to their regular social status and this has destroyed their motivation. Later, they can hardly get a job as an escort like those on or a fast-food employee and they waste the rest of their lives regretting that they missed the one opportunity they had to make it big.